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Kratos' Draupnir (Level 2 Edition)

Kratos' Draupnir (Level 2 Edition)

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Pair with Freyr's Mount!

The only weapon forged exclusively for Kratos! How else do you defeat someone who can foresee your every move before it's made?

Brok's ingenious solution to defeating Heimdall - a magical spear that replicates infinitely. Draupnir was blessed by Brok on the personal request of Kratos, eventually becoming a symbol of justice, a cause Kratos learned to embrace throughout his journey in the Nine Realms.

A smaller version of the Gale Flame Edition, this Level 2 Draupnir is a brass emerald-yellow replica. When we say more than just a keychain, we mean it. Draupnir is perfectly combined with the standard sized Freyr's Mount to be showcased in your home as a statement piece!


Forged with Zinc Alloy at 735°F to 875°F, resulting in extremely good tensile strength and corrosion resistance.
Immune to water damage and scarring.


It's 21.5 or 8.5 inches long. This is more of a showpiece than a keychain.

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  • Quality Materials

    Forged from Zinc Alloy, Brok's keychains are immune to water damage or scarring, and are built to last a lifetim

  • A Work Of Art

    We take our time forging each keychain, resulting in exquisite detail and intricacy.

  • The Center of Attention

    The coolest keychain in any room. It's 75 grams so it does carry some weight!

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It is the nature of a thing that matters, not its form.

"May this weapon strike true; may it be wielded with wisdom; may it be put down when its job is done." A Kratos exclusive, and blessed by the best blacksmith in all Nine Realms, Draupnir symbolizes the true heritage of Kratos as a Spartan.

Perfectly paired with Large Freyr's Mount

Given the length of Draupnir, display it in your space with our custom build mount.