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Thor's Mjölnir

Thor's Mjölnir

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Celebrate the arrival of Ragnarök and order this mighty weapon!

The heaviest of our keychains, Mjölnir was the most powerful weapon crafted by Brok and Sindri for Thor, until they forged the Leviathan Axe. 

With a double-sided head and Nordic symbolism, this exquisitely crafted hammer is full of detail.  From the brass gold plated cheek with jewel inlays, to the wood colored metallic finish on the handle. 

The grip ends with a chain and C Hook, which can be easily combined with your existing set of keys. 


Forged with Zinc Alloy at 735°F to 875°F, resulting in extremely good tensile strength and corrosion resistance.
Immune to water damage and scarring.


It's 12 cm or 4.8 inches long but is 84 grams, heavier than our other keychains.

Returns and Exchanges

Only when you are happy, can we be. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your keychains, you can return them for a refund or exchange by reaching out to us at

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  • Quality Materials

    Forged from Zinc Alloy, Brok's keychains are immune to water damage or scarring, and are built to last a lifetim

  • A Work Of Art

    We take our time forging each keychain, resulting in exquisite detail and intricacy.

  • The Center of Attention

    More than just a keychain, they are literal heirlooms.

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The Legacy of Thor, and now Thrúd

With a father like the All-father, Thor grew up as a disappointment since the days of his birth. Controlled and belittled by Odin, he finally realizes that his true allegiance lies with his wife and daughter, Thrúd. Alas, he pays the ultimate price for disobeying Odin. Nevertheless, we think Brok and Sindri would be delighted that Mjölnir is finally in the good hands of Thrúd.