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Kratos' Blades of Chaos

Kratos' Blades of Chaos

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One order is one Blade. Buy two to complete the set for 15% off!

Own this runic version of the Blades of Chaos, an armament with a terrible past but still one of the most iconic weapons in all of the realms. 

The quillon features a brass skull design, exactly as portrayed in the game. The handle has a reddish orange backsplash which gives off the impression of fire. 

The pommel ends with a chain, which can clasp on to your existing keychain ring. 



Forged with Zinc Alloy at 735°F to 875°F, resulting in extremely good tensile strength and corrosion resistance.
Immune to water damage and scarring.


It's 13 cm or 5.1 inches long.

Returns and Exchanges

Only when you are happy, can we be. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your keychains, you can return them for a refund or exchange by reaching out to us at

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The Legacy of Kratos

The Blades of Chaos were forged at the darkest depths of the Underworld by Ares himself.

After Kratos pledged his life to the God of War, Ares had his Harpies fetch the Blades of Chaos and bestowed them on the Spartan, claiming they were weapons truly worthy of a God's Champion.

  • Quality Materials

    Forged from Zinc Alloy, Brok's keychains are immune to water damage or scarring, and are built to last a lifetime.

  • A Work Of Art

    We take our time forging each keychain, resulting in exquisite detail and intricacy.

  • The Center of Attention

    More than just a keychain, they are literal heirlooms.

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