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Larger sized showpieces. Perfectly paired with Freyr's Mount to display (or brag about) on your desk, gaming setup or bookshelf.

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Brok's Phone Case Collection

Inspired by the diversity of the Nine Realms and brought to life through our exclusive collection of Snap-On Phone Cases.

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  • Quality Materials

    Forged from Zinc Alloy, Brok's keychains are immune to water damage or scarring, and are built to last a lifetime

  • A Work Of Art

    We take our time forging each keychain, resulting in exquisite detail and intricacy.

  • The Center of Attention

    More than just a keychain, they are literal heirlooms.

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Keychains that tell a story

Forged in the depths of the Underworld and personally offered to Kratos by Ares himself, the Blades became a symbol of the Spartan’s servitude to the Olympians, emphasized by the chains bound to the very flesh of Kratos.

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